lørdag den 16. april 2011

Infinity Universe - The Quest for Earth

Some games are just fun. Some games are just visually beautiful. But some games push the boundaries for everything. These games reinvent whole genres and brings a title that will be remembered and copied for years to come. I believe that Infinity is going to be one of these games.
What is Infinity, you might ask? Infinity is an upcoming massive multiplayer online game set in a persistent futuristic universe. In short it is an entire galaxy at your fingertips, for you to explore whether that be alone or with your friends. Sounds good? Sure do!
The idea is that you can seamlessly fly in your spacecraft from outer space and into the atmosphere of a planet and even fly down to the surface of the planet and land, and you can do all this without the need to wait hours for it to load. The planets will contain huge mountains and beautiful rivers and even cities or small settlements where the players can do missions and buy or sell goods. Now imagine thousands, no millions of these planets all around. You see all those small dots of stars on the image above? All of those small dots a each and their own star system which you can fly to and explore. Now you might have an image in your head of just how huge this universe is. It is incomprehensible massive, and the details and graphics are just amazing.
The images I have posted until now, is from the official tech trailer from the website. I highly recommend you go see it, because it is just amazing. You can find it here. Another video I highly recommend seeing, is the trailer showcasing the galaxy generator. The galaxy with all of its clusters of stars and planets are unbelievable and fantastically massive.You find that trailer here. Every dot you see in that trailer is a visitable star system with its own planet. Remember to watch both videos in HD!
The game is still in development and probably will be for a very long time. Until then I highly recommend to go to their website, where you will be able to watch all the trailers, view the beautiful screenshots and concept arts, read the latest news from the developers and sign up to the community forum where you can come with new ideas that the developers might incorporate into the game. No full demo is out yet, but they have released a small demo of the combat prototype, so head on to the website and begin downloading!

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  1. great to see another gaming blog =)

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  2. So excited for infinity universe! Not sure if I'll be playing this or swtor though, it's a tough call.

  3. That game looks so good, about time a game of the genre appeared.

  4. wow space games are always so good to look at!

  5. looks interesting
    i will check this out

  6. It is very hard for me to get into space games. They are boring.

  7. i don't understand why i want this so much.
    @endless what is a game that's not for nerds?

  8. very nerdy indeed, heaven for some people!

  9. great blog

  10. Looks awesome.
    I wouldn't mind if steam picked this up though. Looks like it could have a few things that ever doesn't.